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Cookies are UHMMAAZING! Enjoyed dipping them in my chai. Thanks for making these Guiltfree versions available at prices as low as Rs. 15 😍😍 

Seema 26(Delhi)

I am diabetic so I can't have sugary colas. Artificially sweeteners are worse so I had gone off colas. But GIF Cola is awesome & naturally sweetened so I have 1 for fun daily 🥳🤟🏼 

Ritvik 34 (Mumbai)

I didn't expect Wafer Sticks made of Bajra to taste so Good! Once you've had a pack, you'll never go back 😛🤪 (to Maida-loaded crap)

Siddarth 29 (Bangalore)

You have any questions, Please checkout these FAQ's

All this sounds too good to be true!  How is it possible?

Its taken us 9 months of efforts to make the impossible happen. Its actually difficult to get the fine balance of health, taste & pricing right but the results are for you to see & try!

How come big brands are not able to do this?

We're not sure why big brands prefer gimmicks over genuinely healthy products. Its possibly got to do with their ambition to make common products for the masses & sell them at ultra-low prices which calls for compromises with quality of ingredients.

Are GIF Products tested & certified?

All GiF Products have been tested in Govt of India accredited Labs. We're a Govt recognized Startup and we come under the licensing norms of FSSAI. We don't just stop at that - we've got a very strong internal moral compass which guides us to make only genuinely good products otherwise we've got no reason to exist!

Can I buy products loosely instead of combos?

At present, you can only buy combos. Very soon we will also be available on quick commerce apps where you'll be able to buy smaller quantities. However we would encourage you to buy these combos as their ticket sizes are reasonably low & you may need to stock up.

Are these products made in India?

Yes, you'll be glad to know that all our products have been fully designed, conceptualized, developed and manufactured in India by the finest SMEs who've partnered with us. So we're proudly a 'Make in India' brand